Recruitment Process

We specialize in recruiting specialist staff for all aspects in maritime sector. We use a variety of methods for identifying candidates, database search, networking, advertisement etc, but this is really the second stage of the process. The first part understands your requirements:

- Technical Expertise Requirements

- Level of Experience

- Role Responsibilities

- Location/Rotation and Living conditions

- How your organizations culture or the location of assignment may impact suitability

- Your internal recruitment process and timetable

Understanding will lead to clarity. Clarity will lead to you getting the person that is right for the role in a timely manner.

Our Recruitment Process

Understanding your needs:  Fact Based Assessment of your needs and understanding the nature of project/business and job description/candidate profile, as required. Also, to understand your organization, value systems, business interests and performance expectations.

-  Collection of CV’s: Review of CVs from databases, e-mail and post to ensure suitability of prospective candidates against specific requirements and then screened to narrow down to suitable ones.

-  Retained Search: For top/senior management positions, we will conduct a focused search in the industry.

-  Short listing of CV’s: Screened candidates are contacted to ensure their availability and willingness for the opening and to arrive at the most prospective ones.  They are then interviewed by our panel to ensure “Right Fit” before submission of CV to you.

-  Client Review: CVs of candidates best suited for the position are forwarded to you for review and further selection.

-  Interviews Conducted: Selected candidates are informed in advance for attending client interview.

-  Feedback to Client: All along during the process of recruitment, client is regularly apprised of the progress and status of the assignment. Simultaneously, prospective candidates are kept posted on development.

- Integrity: The highest ethical standards are maintained with due sensitivity and strict confidence for all assignments during entire process of recruitment. 


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